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What Does Your Trajectory Path Look Like to be the Ideal Student?

We show students how to identify and develop the characteristics and traits aligned with their trajectory so they can strive to become the best version of who they want to be, or what we call, the IdealStudent. Our IdealStudent product and services foster the following core values:
Ownership & Student Driven Trajectory

Students are both the owners and driver of the process to develop the characteristics and traits that uniquely define their individual skill sets

Holistic Approach

We develop tools that put emphasis on the whole student, not just select pieces that make up the whole student.

21st Century Skills

Students develop 21st Century skills such as Deeper Learning, Creativity, Collaboration, Communications, Diversity, Accountability, Critical Thinking, and Teamwork.

As a student's trajectory becomes clearer, they will be better equipped to identify and take advantage of the daily opportunities placed in front of them.

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IdealStudent Startup

STEM based student leadership and team building program for middle - high school students.

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Leadership Skills
STEM Based
Discover the many roles, skillsets, and technical acumen directly related to STEM career paths.
Deeper Learning
Develop skills that are not only valuable to the students, but professionally across multiple industries as well.
Software Engineering Process
Learn to Apply Principles and take an idea from concept to full-blown implementation.
IdealStudent Timeline

Our student timeline package keeps students engaged and on track for the current academic year.

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Academic Timeline
College Admission
Academic Timeline
Step by Step actionable tasks students can do to stay ahead of the curve.
Student Resume
Maintain record of accomplishments, successes, and extra-curricular activities.
Destination College Report
Comprehensive Information on admissions from your selected destination college.

IdealStudent supports students to be the best version of themselves

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Meet Our Founder
Passionate About Youth, Technology, & Ed-Tech Initiatives

Veatrice Glenn (Vea)
CEO & Founder, Vea graduated with a B.S. degree in Computer Science from Northern Illinois University and has worked professionally as a software developer for the past 14 years and as a freelance developer for the past year. Recently stepping out, and launching her own startup full time, Insightful Decisions, Inc., Vea is the sole founder and CEO.

Vea is an advocate of continuous learning and is very active in the startup community to stay informed of the latest and best practices. She has completed a 9 month business plan program, graduated from the Founder’s Institute, a program that teaches entrepreneurs how to launch meaningful startups, and currently works out of 1871, Chicago’s #1 co-working space for startups.

In addition to being a software developer, and entrepreneur, she is also a parent who humbly wears all her titles. Vea is passionate about our youth, technology, and developing ed-tech solutions that enable them to reach their fullest potential while developing skills needed for college and the 21st century workplace. This will allow them to better understand and align their own trajectory path with their everyday decisions, college, and life. She believes our students would continuously improve when given access to the proper tools and encouraged to effectively take ownership over the process. By identifying and discovering their skills, talents, abilities, passions, targeting a goal, and assessing their progress, she believes students can accelerate full speed ahead, reach their full potential, and be the best version of their own self that they can be, or what she likes to call the “IdealStudent”.

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"An investment in education pays the best dividend."
- Benjamin Franklin